Writing Research Paper ?Advice For Instructors

Annual examinations are found to have a nightmare-ish impression on the minds of the students no matter which grade they are in. But if you conduct a careful survey among college and university going students, you would find some thing surprising. No exam, assignments, group projects or presentation poses a threat to them the way a research paper does! They panic at the idea of conducting research on a particular topic and produce very many pages to present the research work. They are also found uneasy with the different formats and guide lines that they are advised to follow by their instructors. Since they know that the research paper carries a heavy percentage of the term marks and failure to do well in it may be very risky and lethal for their over all grades.

Since research papers are impossible to avoid and flee in an academic environment, why not get friendly with it? Whining and complaining about the complexity and technicalities of the task won’t change any thing for you neither it will make it any easier. Instead, it will only waste your time and increase your fear. First thing that a student needs to possess is good writing skills. No matter how extensive your research is or how in-depth analysis you’ve done on the subject, if you are unable to world of tanks blitz hack cheats tool put it to proper words and compile the document according to the instructions and requirements, you are doomed. Many professors and instructors find it a joke to teach the students about writing at the level of college and university. They think of it as a pre-requisite that every student must possess if he has come this far to attain his degree. However, the truth is, not all students take writing assignments very seriously in lower as well as higher grades. It is a common concept that science related course have to be given more importance than literature. Therefore, you would find a lot many students with relatively weaker writing skills even on college and university level. When they are loaded with the burden of extensive research and writing a document that exceeds more than ten pages at least, it is natural to panic.

Professors and advisors should understand that not every student is equally intelligent or focused towards the subject. They should present research writing activity as a tool to get deeper and comprehensive understanding on the subject. Changing view of looking at the things doesn’t change the thing but surely improves the approach. Practice sessions visit more information should be held in the class about different sections present in the research paper so that a class discussion should be conducted. The fact that many students are shy and hesitant in taking their instructor’s help individually, group assignments and class presentations are the best way to educate them about the matter.

If a student is asked to produce a research paper on the topic or a course that he is relatively less interested in, it is understandable to notice that the student won’t be comfortable with the idea of doing research in fallout shelter hacked version so much depth related to the subject. Therefore, students should be given a chance to choose the topic related to the course that they have a serious inclination about so that they can be comfortable with their work.

Moreover, a student would give his cent percent to an assignment that he is passionate about.

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